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The No.1 Professional GPS Software in US for Truck and RV markets

InfoGation is a pioneer in the development of navigation software to the in-vehicle/PDA/PND/Smart Phone/Tablets device market. Specializing in the delivery of both embedded and distributed solutions, InfoGation produces vehicle-based driving directions with accurate voice guidance, real-time travel content, and communications integration solutions for the automotive industry. Founded in 1996, InfoGation (one time as part of BSQUARE Corporation ( NASDAQ : BSQR )) has set the standard for developing innovative, leading-edge telematics solutions for the global automotive industry.

InfoGation's unparalleled technology enables Smart Phone/Tablets device makers and wireless carriers to provide value-added services for product differentiation, increased customer retention and incremental revenues. InfoGation has built a powerful reputation as a telematics technology leader and responsive partner with a solid track record of delivering reliable, high-quality products on time and within budget. With established market credibility in the automotive sector, InfoGation plays a vital role in the Smart Device market, working with ODM/OEM, application service providers, content aggregators and technology leaders to provide an end-to-end solution to consumers and businesses alike. InfoGation is in the forefront of delivering robust software solutions for the in-vehicle environment with a reputation for providing accurate navigation and communication applications, unparalleled real-world experience and multiple revenue opportunities that accelerate growth.


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Banks NAV™






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